ECM and EDM in Ghana and West Africa

ECM,EDM solution document Management and Workflow dematerializing by M-Files is leading digital transformation in West Africa

ECM in Ghana and West Africa

The experimentation of ECM EDM systems has been a mixed success in most cases in Africa. It is no longer a question of managing a stock of paper documents, but rather of capturing, storing, recognizing and securing information, data and documents from multiple sources and in multiple formats. Yet, African companies are struggling to take the step of digital transformation and embrace the new uses that come with it.

To facilitate the digital transition and reduce the risks of losing profits related to the adoption of ECM EDM, we propose the pooling of financial resources among African SMEs in order to face the costs of adopting an EDM solution. Nowadays, few communicating EDM solutions offer real guarantees in terms of security and confidentiality of data collected and stored by suppliers. To do so, it becomes necessary to have solutions that deploy high-quality, agile EDM services on data spaces that are entirely controlled by the users.

Finally, one of the major challenges for African SMEs in adopting EDM solutions is to reconcile electronic exchanges and security of data used on the market. This necessarily requires an evolution of our modes of exchange and the emergence of new ways to communicate.

For example, the "e-mail + attachments" model could be replaced by a "document-centric vision with attached discussions". Thus, the EDM market could continue its mutation and offer new growth opportunities for SMEs and VSEs in Africa.

Solutions and features of the M-Files Africa EDM

More and more companies are using this system to organize, facilitate and optimize the processing of their paper and digital data. In the case of the African continent, the implementation of EDM solutions in the broadest sense of the term allows in particular to address the classic problems related to the difficult conditions of storage of physical documents (heat, humidity, security, energy, etc.).

We note that these systems of acquisition (mass digitization of paper documents), indexing, filing, management and storage, access (navigation and search) and consultation of documents are generally welcome from the point of view of users and end-users. Let's mention, for example, the case of our TRANSCOCLSG Côte d'Ivoire project which mobilizes and impacts nearly seven African actors for the valorization of the HR capital through the HR management of contracts and the management of employees' expense reports.

M-Files: ECM solution for all types of business workflow

M-Files, a customizable solution, integrates an electronic archiving system (SAE), an electronic mail management system (GEC), an electronic document management system (EDM), on several web and mobile supports with the option of a Hubshare portal that can be customized for internal and/or external collaborators, without forgetting to mention the OCR solution IRISPOWERSCAN for the digitization of documents and archives. Kertys deploys and integrates the M-Files solution for several African and European organizations and institutes to digitize, archive and exploit all types of documents in Africa or to dematerialize the mails of their order office, to digitize their activity worfkows.

Digital transformation and intelligent information management touch every business, especially in time of pandamic. The transformation is driven by the need for more efficient office work while retaining compliance with new regulations.

When finding, accessing, sharing and managing information, businesses often still rely on multiple disconnected data repositories and silos or on paper and documents. Knowledge workers need to know in which File, project, system, on which Drive, SharePoint site, or in which network folder relevant and important information is stored in less time. This can create inefficiencies because the ways to save and archive information vary from person to person.

Organizations in Ghana and Africa need to be willing to adapt their core systems and processes not to where they are, but to where they want to be. A key symptom that the time for this transformation has come takes the form of siloed information and business practices in various departments that ultimately make it difficult for people to communicate and collaborate with one another.

If information and document are trapped in a data silo and is only available to your finance team, for example, all of that insight and information is essentially cut off from other teams who might be able to use it — like sales. This doesn’t just put up a barrier where one doesn’t need to exist — it’s literally making it impossible for people (and their technologies) to talk to one another.

Data needs to flow freely not just between departments, but across your entire organization. This is true in terms of human resources, finance, IT and even legal.

ECM, EDM M-Files for all industries in Africa

Our experiences in Africa and specialy countries in West Africa has proven that the need to dematerializing process and organisation is throw M-Files solution,

Kertys, distributer of ECM M-Files in Africa has implemente M-Files in different industries like : insurances, HR, construction industry, Finance and banking, legal and health companies and more

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